Hi, I'm 20 years old and I'm currently residing in Sydney. I'm a huge fan of both BEAST & Shinhwa, so I will be mainly posting about these two groups. My biases are DooJoon & DongWan, but in saying that, I love all of the members of BEAST & Shinhwa very dearly.
Apart from BEAST & Shinhwa, I will also be posting other random things, so do bear with me on that.
Other than that, I hope you enjoy this blog, and feel free to ask a question or send a message.

As I got older, I started to realise that there aren’t that many people who are with me on my side, really. In my work, I’ve met many people who are out to hurt people, people who gloat over misfortune, and those who try to end careers. I thought, there’s no one on my side at all.

But I see all of you here, and you’re all on my side.
- Eric Mun (Shinhwa 10th Anniversary Concert, 30th March 2008)

Yoseob’s hat magic tricks lvl 2014

in which dongwoon’s hair gets caught in the window

game was to see who could smash five eggs with their forehead the fastest

kisses for doni, with a now forever traumatised dongwoon ♡

best of gikwang on showtime

KiKwang trying to get into the picture.
KiKwang trying to get into the picture.


The History of Beast : Bad Girl - Mystery - Shock - Special - Breath - Beautiful - Fiction - Beautiful Night - Shadow - Good Luck

doowoon cheating their way through the pepero game